单词on account of的英汉翻译

on account of


单词on account of的英汉对照例句

The liner fell aboard of the cargo ship on account of the thick fog.
Under the third arch of the pont de jena the new stone with which the two years previously the mining aperture made by blucher to blow up the bridge had been stopped up was still recognizable on account of its whiteness.
This ode seems to owe its position at the head of pindar's extant works to aristophanes the grammarian who placed it there on account of its being specially occupied with the glorification of the olympic games in comparison with others and with the story of pelops who was their founder.
But herod the king because john had made a protest on account of herodias his brother's wife and other evil things which herod had done
If an insurance enterprise applies for subsidy from a stabilization fund on account of losses incurred by assuming insurance contracts from another insurance enterprise or by merging with another insurance enterprise pursuant to the provisions of paragraph1 subparagraph2 the subsidy amount shall not exceed the total amount that may be advanced by the stabilization fund pursuant to the provisions of subparagraph3of this same paragraph.
Article33in case an insured person is not receiving salary payment on account of an ordinary injury or sickness for which he is hospitalized and under medical treatment he shall be paid ordinary injury or sickness benefit beginning from the fourth day on which he is incapacitated for work.
Drag occurs on account of displacement of the air surrounding the vehicle and friction against the surface of the car.
Amnesty international believes she is a prisoner of conscience held solely on account of her peaceful activities in support of equal rights for women in iran and is calling for her immediate and unconditional release.
Abstract: on account of defects of statute law law needs to be interpreted when it is to act on the reality.
The fields not so marked had for the most part already been sold on account of unpaid mortgages or interest and had passed into the ownership of the noble usurer;
He is in good odour on account of his honesty.
It is difficult to reserve shipping space on account of heavy congestion.
All our water was boiled on account of there being a danger of typhoid fever.
Differences made on account of ignorance immorality or disease are legitimate methods of fighting evil and against them we have no word of protest; but discriminations based simply and solely on physical peculiarities place of birth color of skin are relics of that unreasoning human savagery of which the world is and ought to be thoroughly ashamed.
In the middle of the18th century on account of the serious financial crisis the french absolute monarchy was forced to carry out a series of reforms.

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