[gāo guǎn]
    senior management
    (contraction of 高級管理|高级管理)


He is a man of great executive ability.
The senior private-equity executive said: "the collapse of this deal is not about anti-foreigner sentiment but anti-china. It shows the taiwan government is ultra-sensitive to its leading companies leaving the stock market."
Amiel's fails this test: the only people junior to black were one nephew of his and a couple of hollinger executives.
First it was the "prenup" but now the postnuptial agreement is soaring in popularity among newly wealthy hedge fund managers and other executives keen to safeguard their fortunes in case they face a messy divorce.
Executives with no pressing engagements in central paris can stay outside the city and avoid the often appalling snail's pace traffic between there and the le bourget showground.
A couple of weeks ago the entire board and senior management stood in clumpy flat shoes and took turns at sticking two fingers and a thumb into a heavy ball and rolling it in a straight line to knock down some skittles.
French tv executives have asked the european broadcasting union to extract guarantees from beijing that transmissions will be live and uninterrupted even if protests take place.
The ferry traffic out of ulsan south korea's largest car production centre has been unrelenting in recent months almost to the surprise of executives at hyundai motor who have been anxiously monitoring the us economic downturn.
"It is difficult to judge levels [ of finance] at such events. Of course many are interested in scholarships but I also met others who suggested they had access to funding that would finance programmes at top business schools" says ged drugan programme director of executive education at manchester business school uk.
If demand were down 30 per cent at a company executives and employees would discuss whether to cut the same percentage of jobs or make 60 per cent work half-time says ms breiby by way of example.
As students demanded a speaker more "sensitive to the current global climate" eschewing careers advice from an executive in a discredited industry kerry killinger was conducting his own demolition job in washington.
Hiromasa yonekura chairman of the keidanren japan's most influential business lobby worries that it might be "very difficult" for former executives to fully grasp security issues and to create the political networks vital to ambassadorial success.
"We don't have a preconception about what an exit should be and don't put a lot of onerous conditions on founders" says aydin senkut a former google executive who has just raised$ 40m from a group of other angels to back start-ups.
The judges ranked only executives managing a group's controlling company. Our alternative 50 list honours executives excluded by this criterion.
To cricket-loving executives at rio tinto a tilt at riversdale mining must feel like smacking a slow ball out of the ground after a long winter spent practising indoors.