high and new technology

high [hai]
    n.高度,高处 adj.高的,高原的,高等的,高音的,傲慢的,高尚的,昂贵的,严重的 adv.高度地,奢侈地,高价地

new [nju:; (-) nu:]
    adj.新的,初见的,更新的 adv.新近

technology [tek'nɔlәdʒi]


The gr series metal carrier catalyst gwmc series motorcycle exhaust catalyst and gcp series motor exhaust muffler were appraised as high-tech products.
Already passed attestation of iso9000quality system for yin state division enterprise of bibcock of agriculture of city of company of new and high technology peaceful wave zhejiang saves famous label unit.
Production of differential chemical fiber and high-tech chemical fibers such as aramid fiber urethane elastic fiber carbon fiber etc.
Based on the advantage technology introduced from abroad recently and combined with the practice of chinese costal areas the large-scale sinking and emerging anti-wave culture net cages was one high technology used in seawater aquiculture.
Dengfeng tailong tungsten& molybdenum material co. ltd.was founded in2006 it is a high-tech enterprise that incorporate with development production and develop tungsten molybdenum product.
Secondly while high and new technology is realizing its own industrialization it will also bring along the upgrading of traditional industries.
Article9any change in the scope of business operation amalgamation or breakup divertion in trade removal to a new site or close-down of new and high technology enterprises shall be approved beforehand by the office of the development zone concerned.the enterprises shall register such changes with the relevant departments in charge of industry commerce and taxation.
Article5a new and high technology enterprise shall be an intellect-intensive and technology-intensive economic entity.
The application of some hi-tech such as ct or mri may generate more iatrogenic diseases.
The second board market is a market beyond the first board the significance of its construction lies in providing the channels for the fund raising for minor enterprises and high-tech enterprises with high growth.
Place of courtyard of institution of higher learing scientific research can train a graduate student with cartel of new and high technology build a lab jointly; allow to establish in school graduate student the one's status as a student that company of new and high technology withholds one of calm period.
Hi-tech industry has been driving the optimization of the economic structure.
Industrial project projects engaged in low-pollution low water usage and high-tech industries and such pillar industry as machinery shoe construction material showld be encouraged.
Encourage and support is state-owned reach state-owned control a company of new and high technology concern according to the country allow and encourage factor of production to participate in accrual distributive regulation undertake property right system is reformed pilot.
Henan wanyi technological& industrial co. ltd.is a fast-developing enterprise registered in zhengzhou new& hi-tech industrial development zone integrating domestic and foreign trade real estate vocational education& training consultation and network technology service as well as the development of products.