high strength; high-intensity; high-duty; high tenacity

high [hai]
    n.高度,高处 adj.高的,高原的,高等的,高音的,傲慢的,高尚的,昂贵的,严重的 adv.高度地,奢侈地,高价地

strength [streŋθ]


Having or causing a sensation of unusually high body heat, as from exercise or hard work; overheated.
A glass bulb filled with finely shredded aluminum or magnesium foil that is ignited by electricity to produce a short-duration high-intensity light flash for taking photographs.
Yinqiao brand non-paper surface gypsum board is a new-type building material widely applied for making ceilings dividing and veneering walls with high-strength gypsum plaster powder as primary raw material by adding superior quality fiberglass and specific intensifier.
Super flux led has high intensity and various emitting light colors.
A cfc-free rigid foam polyether polyol has been pepared successfully.it can be used in varied fields which use hcfc141b and cyclopentane as blowing agent the foam manufactured by this polyol gains excellent excellent such as high strength low heat conductive co--efficient and high dimensional stability thes polyol has ben put into real production.
But general coming takes a look on that the rocket attacks relying heavily on exterior lines very much exert pressure do not have yao ming for the other party's forbidden zone that whether the rocket offensive gambling character can keep the consistent high strength defensive more is road of winning then.
The electric conduction component adopt the high grade copper product and high strength compound silver contact.
For adopting winding the technical rectification cover as well as missile and rocket engine spray pipe and other light quality such as airplane radar cover missile first awl and carrier rocket that made are high-strength high temperature resistant endure ablation endure the property requirement concerning winding component that eroded with high speed is also higher and higher.
Bilberry may be of benefit for those working intensely with their eyes eg airline pilots students computer terminal operators and night drivers; or when doing fine detailed work.
The mechanical properties of high-strength ship steel plate did not reach the standard required after the first normalization therefore incomplete dual phase aust enizing normalization experiment has been done and fine grain bainite structure in the steel is found improving mechanical properties of high strength ship steel plate and meeting the standard requirement.
The properties of higher strength concretes are particularly sensitive to the constitutive materials.
Kier heatexchanger manufacture according to highest industrial standard u.s.a japan.
The gear reducer for high strength steel carburizing carburizing hardening low noise transmission.
Protect the rubber products from sunlight in particular from direct exposure to sun and from strong artificial light with a high ultraviolet component.
1730insulation Paint enamel-insulated wire section1730high-intensity polyester production sales cresol enamel-insulated wire sales.