high strength; high-intensity; high-duty; high tenacity

high [hai]
    n.高度,高处 adj.高的,高原的,高等的,高音的,傲慢的,高尚的,昂贵的,严重的 adv.高度地,奢侈地,高价地

strength [streŋθ]


The spray head adopts safe plastics of abs of the high strength it is beautiful and reliable.
If we allow ourselves to be dragged into a fast physical match for90minutes we will certainly have problems. So we will try to slow the game down.
With a decade of years of research and manufacture history on boilers and pressure vessel complete quality control system advanced production equipments as well as well managed after sale service "changcheng" autoclave becomes a brand trusted by many users and has been used in fishery chemical industry glass industry medicine industry textile printing heat insulating material papermaking timbering civil construction and other industries.
It is high strength spares in hot pressure and cutting works.
Big diameter woofer all application of the double woofer units extend lower limits of a resonance frequency effectively which enables the low frequency to hit force the double midrange unit endow the mid frequency with soberness and clearness the natural silk dome and the high-density magnet augment the upper frequency with a better balance and timber match optimizingly.
And with advanced foreign experiences in towing with cable; our special salvage tug is equipped with high-strength salvage towing cable and its guide cable-denima rope.
Welded sturdy box construction using heavy-gauge steel plates for ruggedness.d-section frame for resistance to deformation.
For years the uneducated population had been subjected to intensive nazi propaganda calculated to fan these prejudices.
A thermoplastic polyamide; a family of high-strength resilient synthetic materials.
The corelation between acoustic emission characteristics and their fracture toughness has been investigated in this paper based on the study of high-strength aluminum alloy cracking process by using advanced acoustic emission experiment system and smooth tensile specimens as well as dcb specimens with premade cracks.
Yeap brand water-storage electric warming appliance is manufactured by the sealing combination of energy-storage medium with high ratio of thermal capacity high-grade medical plastic film and high strength compound fiber.
Since these new students also need unconventional hours-evenings weekends or high-intensity courses that stuff a term's work into two weeks-their demands for learning bring a vague but real threat to the school establishment.
Yuhuan baodali machine co. ltd.establishes as1995 specialize in: automobile fittings motorcycle fittings diesel engine fittings etc.high strength bolt nut spare part in common use automobile wheel lock hub nut bolt.
Aiming to solve the security problems which exist in the course of data transmission in securities settlement telnet the authors adopt the methods of certificate authetification network security propotol high strength public key and symmetric cipher algorithm and key management techniques.successfully solved are the key technique of secret communication user identification divulged secret detection and supervision etc.
The newly designed independent double wishbone high-strength steel and aluminum suspension components keep unsprung weight low which helps the vehicle to remain stable on bumpy surfaces improving ride comfort.