high level
    high class

high [hai]
    n.高度,高处 adj.高的,高原的,高等的,高音的,傲慢的,高尚的,昂贵的,严重的 adv.高度地,奢侈地,高价地

class [kla:s; (-) klæs]
    n.班级,阶级,社会等级,种类,(一节)课 vt.把...分类(或分等级)


Abstract: the paper probed the analysis on the adding mode of perpendicular load in multistorey building structures the bending moment of frame side beams and the top the bending moment of secondary beams the difference between the tie beam planeframe analysis and the space analysis on the path of conduct force ect.it can be used as a reference when probing these problems.
Of all the discoveries of the outer atmosphere made possible by rockets and satellites few equal in lmportance the revelation of the high radiation belts by van allen in1958.
High blocks of flats seem inevitable in overcrowded cities.
Where a seat of higher learning is housed including administrative and living quarters as well as facilities for research and teaching.
Directly or indirectly to other senior mgr.
Directly or indirectlyto other senior mgr.
The highest-placed newcomer in the inner circle? The standing committee of the party politburo? Is expected to be xi jinping the shanghai party boss with a revolutionary pedigree who emerged as a strong candidate for a senior post only in recent months.
Chinese leaders including president hu jintao attended a high-profile conference in short-sleeved open-necked shirts to set an example of improving energy efficiency by wearing clothing appropriate for warm weather.
The high technological training center of job of sichuan university regards scientific and technological entrepreneur professional technician enterprise managerial talent as the train objective rely mainly on short-term course long-term course for complement training method that size combine launch high-level training discussion exchanges and such activities as enterprises diagnose.
The marble composite panel performance: light weight high intensity flat and smoothsurface good shock-resistant fire-proof antisepticresistant anti-airstake excellent in weatherability easy clean an install lowcost etc it is better than another stone building materials.
Top managers do have the major role in making overall policies for a company or other enterprise.
The worst thing that can happen to a sales person is getting the much coveted appointment with a top decision maker and then screw up the sales because the sales person said or asked or did something really way off-beat.
The tower crane is widely used as a vertical transport apparatus for the construction of high building but in all kinds of sites some safety problems caused by unfit foundation treament or bad safety administration are very serious.
As a assistant to the vp under the unitive arrange of the admin dept to participate in organize the executive meeting including timetable confirmation meeting notice sending and meetin notes etc.
Such a bomb if exploded near the ground or under water sends radioactive particles into the upper air.