[yàn suàn]
    to verify a calculation
    a double-check

verify [verifai]
    vt.检验,校验,查证,核实 [计] 打开或关闭文件的读写校验

double-check ['dʌbl 'ʧεk]
    v [I, Tn] check (sth) twice or with great care 复查; 仔细检查: double-check figures, arrangements 复核数字、 审核计划.


It makes the system run safe.this paper describes the algorism of crc check and the algorism we adopted improves the veracity of data and the efficiency of system.
Taking umatic vtr nv-9200e as an example this paper analyses the colour signal processing circuits describes the derivation of transfer functions in afc and apc loops gives the measured and calculated data and finaly indicates their advantages and disadvantages.
The resistance to float relates to the attributes and conditions of the ground water the pressure and floatage of water the change of water level and the sudden supplement of water.
Aimed at the present code of structure design without the specific method of frail-layer check computations of frame structures in high vibration areas this article provides the parameter modifying method for the checking according to different regulations of earthquake parameter and by deducing and contrasting the relation of elasticity and plasticity displacement angle limitation of several earthquakes from the given conditions of present code.
Checking computations of support strength rigidity and stability must be performed for support erection according to the load in construction stage.the supported must be erected according to the construction scheme of box girder.
The lowest earthquake resistance level of bridges and the specific earthquake resistance level of a large bridge are clarified and based on the multilevel seismic design principle the determination of the earthquake resistance level of large bridges is discussed including the earthquake level its corresponding structural performance and check target.
How do you check the answers of multiplication? Use the product divided by one factor if you can get the other factor you're right.
On the basis of mean variation theory of a free net a method is described for processing the strain network data in order to determine the stress state of a given point.an equation for calculation of the principal stress is derived which is closer to the actual state and has a wider application.the results have shown that this method can make full use of the measured information.
Lastly with the fatigue equation the paper establishes the fatigue stress coefficient which is used in the load stress calculation for lean concrete as undersurface of cement concrete pavement and the structure coefficient of flexural tensile strength which is used in the flexural stress check for lean concrete as base of asphalt pavement.
In numerical calculations the effects of rainfall pattern shape of slope layer and changing slope to the development and decline of subsurface flow were examined.
Prove this row of answers.
The design of hoisting cableway in wudang mountain xuan regnal palace according to the characteristic and requirements of cableway design in the view and in line with the principle of advanced technology reasonable economy safety and appliance includes the general arrangement of cableways calculation of skyline and wookline checking computation of the support and the anchorage productivity calculation.
By citing the technics flow of typical finger jointing wood panel production equipment the article accounted for model choice the method of equilibrium calculation of production capacity of the key equipments such as finger jointing line gluing machine solid wood panel and automatic planer and moulder and finally summed up the essential principle of configuration.