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[jià dào]
    A respectful phrase used to mention others' visit.

    (also an ) indef art (The form a is used before consonant sounds and the form an before vowel sounds. Both are used before [C], [Cgp] or [sing] ns that have not previously been made specific. a用於辅音前, an用於元音前. 两者均用於前文未曾确指的可数单数名词或集合名词之前.) 1 one 一(个): a man, hotel, girl, committee, unit, U-turn (一个)男人, 旅馆, 姑娘, 委员会, 单位, U形转弯 (Cf 参看 some men, hotels, girls, etc) * an egg, aunt, uncle, hour, X-ray, MP, L-plate (一个)蛋, 姑姑, 叔叔, 小时, X光照片, 下院议员, L字牌 (Cf 参看 some eggs, aunts, uncles, hours, etc) * I can only carry two at a time. 我一次只能携带两个. * There's a book on the table is that the one you want? 桌子上有一本书--是不是你要的那一本? 2 (used with an abstract n that is restricted by the phrase which follows it 与抽象名词连用时, 该名词後须有限定性词组): There was still an abundance of food when we arrived. 我们抵达时还有很多食物. * We're looking for someone with a good knowledge of German. 我们正在找一个精通德语的人. 3 any; every 任何; 每一(个): A horse is a quadruped. 马是四足动物. (Cf 参看 Horses are quadrupeds.) * An owl can see in the dark. 猫头鹰在黑暗中能看见东西. (Cf 参看 Owls can see...). 4 one single 单一的: He didn't tell us a thing about his holiday. 他度假的事对我们支字未提. 5 (used with ns followed byof + possess det + n + 's 与名词+ of +所有格限定词+名词+ 's连用): a friend of my father's, ie one of my father's friends 我父亲的一个朋友 * a habit of Sally's, ie one of Sally's habits 萨莉的一种习惯. 6 (used in front of two ns seen as a unit 用於可视为一体的两个名词之前): a cup and saucer 一副杯碟 * a knife and fork 一副刀叉. 7 to or for each; per 每一; 每: 2 a gallon 每加仑2英镑 * 800 words a day 每天800字 * 50p a pound 每磅50便士. 8 (often derog 常作贬义) person like (sb) 像(某人)的人: My boss is a little Napoleon. 我的老板是个小拿破仑. 9 (used with sb's name to show that the speaker does not know the person 与某人姓名连用, 表示说话者不认识此人): Do we know a Tim Smith? 咱们认识一个叫蒂姆·史密斯的人吗? * A Mrs Green is waiting to see you. 有一位格林太太正等著见你.* A Doctor Simpson telephoned. 有一位辛普森医生来过电话. 10 (used to show membership of a class 用以表示一群体中的成员): My mother is a solicitor. 我母亲是律师. * My father is a Fulham supporter. 我父亲是富勒姆足球队的球迷. 11 painting, sculpture, etc by 由...作的绘画, 雕刻等: The painting my grandfather gave me turned out to be a Constable. 我祖父给我的那幅画原来是康斯塔伯的作品

respectful [ri'spektful]

phrase [freiz]
    n.短语,习语,惯用语,成语,措词 vt.用短语表达

used [ju:st]

mention [menʃ(ә)n]
    vt.提及,说起 n.提及,说起 v.论及,提及


Their Majesties have arrived.
看, 国王驾到!
Behold the king!
女王驾到时, 小号奏起欢迎乐曲
A fanfare was played as the queen entered.
A flourish of trumpets marked the Queen's arrival.
A Daniel come to judgment!
The servant announced mr.and mrs.hunter.
We've been awaitingyour arrival.
A fanfare signalled the entrance of the king.
Man: queen vashti your majesty.
Pardon me for not greeting you...