[jié chū]
    bear (fruit)

bear [beә(r)]
    n.熊 v.负担,忍受,带给,具有,挤,向

fruit [fru:t]
    n.水果,果实,果类,成果 vi.结果实


Mt.13:23but the one sown on the good earth this is he who hears the word and understands who by all means bears fruit and produces one a hundredfold and one sixtyfold and one thirtyfold.
Common rules for designing the ms robotic system are derived from analysis of the research instances.
In this paper the principle and parameter of dynamiting that gained arch figure in stratified rock were given on the base of numerical simulation and theory analysis and local test.
This article is based on the behavior psychology of children and summarizes the approaches to create children please space in residential quarter s according to number and ages of children and suitability to children.
Through survey and comparing of music works in different historical periods especially to deeply research the brahms symphonies the article summarized an unique motif technique.
These advanced technology is compared and the more practical processing method is given in the soybean milk making.
1species: Toyon; in some classifications included in genus photinia.
This paper discusses the problem of what day falls on what date of the gregorian calendar by using the knowledge of theory of numbers thus summing up the law of the cardinal number form about the week and its calculating and memorizing method and revealing the law of the arrangement of the week which offers reference for practice.
On the basis of simulation and by means of analysis and discussion on thermal resistances of material and of structure the methods and measures for enhancing the partial thermal resistance of axial were summarized.
Based on the sampling analysis on love songs since founding of china the paper concludes two different characteristics of the chinese youth view of love.
A series of construction techniques for prunus padus were obtained in terms of seedling cultivation and establishment of forests for both medicinal purpose and ornamental purpose which can provide a theoretical basis for qualified seedling cultivation rare species protection and propagation as well as sustainable utilization of resources.
By citing the technics flow of typical finger jointing wood panel production equipment the article accounted for model choice the method of equilibrium calculation of production capacity of the key equipments such as finger jointing line gluing machine solid wood panel and automatic planer and moulder and finally summed up the essential principle of configuration.
2.the Theoretical and experimental study on supercritical carbon dioxidethe thermophysical properties of co2near the critical point are calculated with modified bwr equation.
At the end sum up a method of fault diagnosis for twin-screw compressor.
The rules of migration and enrichment of elements in low temperature and open system have been probed on the basis of comprehensive researches of these gold deposits ing experiments.