economic region

economic [i:kә'nɔmik]

region [ri:dʒәn]


1.china Shall notify to the wto all the relevant laws regulations and other measures relating to its special economic areas listing these areas by name and indicating the geographic boundaries that define them.
China also exercises sovereignty and jurisdiction over the vast continental shelves and exclusive economic zones as defined by the un convention on the law of the sea.
Treaty between the government of australia and the government of the republic of indodesia establishing an exclusive economic zone boundary and certain seabed boundaries;
The natural resources in the exclusive economic zone referred to in this law consist of living and non-living resources.
From north to south were the three regions: nomadic dry farming and paddy regions.
"From north to south were the three regions: nomadic dry farming and paddy regions."
The second phase2009-2010 works will be mainly focused on bringing in company headquarters of domestic and foreign financial organizations with larger influences and on developing and constructing heping financial avenue comprehensively in order to release the conglomeration effect of the financial avenue ultimately making it the most acclaimed financial and financial head quarter hub in the northeastern region.
Article6.the competent authorities of the people's republic of china shall have the right to conserve and manage straddling species highly migratory species marine mammals anadromous stocks that originate in the rivers of the people's republic of china and catadromous species that spend the greater part of their life cycle in the waters of the people's republic of china.
Article5.all international organizations foreign organizations or individuals that wish to enter the exclusive economic zone of the people's republic of china for fishing shall be subject to approval of the competent authorities of the people's republic of china and shall comply with its laws and regulations as well as the accords and agreements it has signed with the states concerned.
The keys to promote the development of the economy in the area lie in setting up regional development pole constructing the industrial echelon structure fixing the exact governmental role and realizing the structual innovation.
Japanese chief cabinet secretary yasuhisa shiozaki said it was inappropriate for the ship not to notify tokyo of its activities inside japan's exclusive economic zone.
Japan has said it would share costs of areas already developed by china and would enter a joint exploration agreement without prejudice to the broader eez dispute.
After the incident the chinese side has made representations on many occasions with the japanese side and expressed our strong dissatisfaction over japan's indiscreet use of force in china's exclusive economic zone.
"In particular those members requested that china undertake a commitment to apply all taxes charges and measures affecting imports including import restrictions and customs and tariff charges that were normally applied to imports into the other parts of china's customs territory to all imported products including physically incorporated components entering china's customs territory from the special economic areas."
My husband as a chinese service man was carrying out his bounden duty within the exclusive economic zone along china's coast.