[zhī zào]
    to weave
    to manufacture by weaving

manufacture [mænju'fæktʃә(r)]
    vt.制造,加工 n.制造,制造业,产品



Greatcoat made up of felt or non-woven fabrics ( excl. babies ')
The art of yunjin has reached the peak since its craftsmanship has brought the hand-woven techniques to a point of perfection as well as the colormatching and weaving techinques to a new height.
International yarn and fabric trends.trend themes atmospheric pictures colours and textures.trade fair reports and news from the trend-setting international fibre manufacturers weavers dyers and suppliers.
The company produces mainly model dl casting machine series products for manufacturing single layer double layers and three layers pe pp cpp double working position coating machine series for paper coating maching series for plastic weaving cloth and non-woven cloth and powder sprayer for non-woven cloth and so on.
This paper studies the mechanism of the aerodynamic web formation and investigates the construction and properties of the adhesive-bonded fabric via the adhesional wetting effect of the adhesive on the fiber the random fiber array in the web and the tensile strength by means of sem.the web formation is effected in sw-63and k12aerodynamic weber recpectively.
Intermediate between the jacquard and the cam looms is the dobby loom; this loom is one on which small geometric and regular figures can be woven.
Over the years it has been developed to weave dobby jacquard and terry fabrics with up to eight different colors of weft.
The shedding and beating-up cause cycle tension variations in the warp yarns.
Examples of fabrics woven by jacquard techniques include damask tapestry brocade brocatelle and some bedspread fabrics.
The wooden-loom zhuang hua with hand-woven technology is the only remainder of that epitomizes the achievements of brocade weaving under this special condition.
Shanghai yaoxing brand brocaded co. ltd.
In case of collective-owned waste mountains and land the collective economic organizations shall organize forestation.
Alongside the railways roads rivers lakes and reservoirs various competent authorities shall organize forestation according to local conditions; in industrial and mining areas in the land used by government authorities and schools in the barracks of troops and in the areas managed by farms pasture lands and fishing banks the relevant organizations shall be responsible for forestation.
There is knit goods production history for more than ten years in the clothing workshop of our company there is perfect weaving dyeing sewing the equipment there is a domestic most advanced revolving stage t shirt printing machine and dry the equipment to print stamp in the workshop it is the products high quality of our company and foundation of the low price to print strength advanced production equipment in strong production it is our foundation with fast-developing business too.
Wu jiang city flourishingly damp hedda embroidery factory set up in1990year is a gather sale fabricate printing and dyeing fiscal stamp broiders is all-in-one lining manufacture enterprise.