[běn zhēng]
    intrinsic; eigen

intrinsic [in'trinsik]


We prove that0is the eigenvalue of the system's host operator and finally we give the eigenvector of the eigenvalue0.
Then the frequency character of absorbed electric power by modulator and diffraction intensity are measured and the curves of diffraction efficiency changing with input electric power and direct current voltages are given respectively. Finally some important performance parameters of the modulator are given which include intrinsic operating frequency intrinsic frequency bandwidth highest diffraction efficiency and the rate of operating frequency changing with direct current voltages.
This paper investigates noise characteristics of pmt monophoton detector on the basis of current density of heat emission in intrinsic semiconductor and doped semiconductor and suggests measures for noise reduction in pmt monophoton detector including methods of pmt cooling magnetic defocusing pmt choosing and reducing the frequency bandwidth of the detection system.
Enforce essential boundary conditions using lagrange multipliers.
The procedure described above applies to the eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of any hermitian operator.
The energy eigenvalue eigenfunction matrix elements of coordinate and momentum operators in energy representation and evolution operator for a two-dimentional coupled oscillator are presented by using the general linear quantum transformation theory.
Using cole hopf transformation eigenvalue equations for guided modes in inhomogentous optical waveguides are transformed to riccati equation and rigorous analytic solutions for propagation constants and modal field distributions are deduced in a simple and convenient way.formulas for square law index profile symmetric epstein profile epstein layer model of planar guides and for parabolic profile circular optical fibers are deduced.
The structure model of multialkali photocathode of p-type na2ksb+ intrinsic k2cssb+ intrinsic cs3sb has been proposed.
According to the configuration of porous ceramics there are two kinds of means to make porous ceramics by preceramic polymer pyrolysis namely bulk structure porous ceramics and ceramic foams.
The critical point divides the eigenstates into metastable condensate and dense state and gives the maximum number of atoms with which an attractive bec can hold and which is in agreement with the experiment on the whole.
In this paper a method to correct the deqraded polarization scattering matrix with the least frobenius norm criterion is presented. Eurthermore by applying the theory of eigenpolarization the polarization features of radar targets are abstracted.on the basis of these performances identification of five kinds of air croft is investigated.
Abstract: the wavefunctions and energy eigenvalues for the ring-shaped oscillator are obtained using the ideas of supersymmetric quantum mechanics and shape invaricace.
Energy eigenvalues for rosen-morse potential by the shape invariance technique
A class of exact solutions of the dirac equation are obtained for an electron in the electromagnetic field of a wave guide formed by two pairs of hyperbolic cylinders.