[yǒujī róngjì]
    organic solvent

organic [ɔ:'gænik]

solvent [sɔlvәnt]
    adj.溶解的,有偿付能力的,有溶解力 n.溶媒,溶剂,解决方法


Semi-aqueous cleaner means a neutral or alkaline hard-surface cleaning formulation which combines the cleaning action of surfactants and organic solvents including mineral spirits glycols glycol ethers alcohols and terpenes either emulsified in a water base; or in a concentrated form that can be rinsed in water.
Small absorption coefficient of fifteen organic solvents and water were measured at514.5nm by means of oppositely crossed laser thermal lens spectrometry using argon ion laser as pump source.higher sensitivity was obtained.
Mellow fat alcoholic acid kind if the organic dissolvent that lacquer uses is turpentine loose the taste such as section water benzine acetone ether is bad.
This product had strong property of separation and recovery of organic dissolvent and vapour such as ether ketone alcohol thf dichlorotetra chlorolform narkosid carbon disulfide disulphide carbon benzol gasoline oil etc.
Soluble to most of the organic solvents such as benzene chloroform ligroin.
It is able to mix with water ethanol ether benzophenones and other organic solvents and can also form azeotrope with multiple compounds.
Suitable for acide with different concentration such as sulfuric acid hydrochloric acid nitric acid phosphorous acid chromic acid acetic acid etc all kinds of organic solvent mixture of different medium.used widely for corrosion resistant projects such as sincineratore pickling tank ferment tank storage tank lawn electrobth etc.
Use it is suitable for flange connected pipeline with strong acid strong base organic solvent corrosive medium in petroleum chemical pharmacy chloric alkali hydrochloric acid.
Studies on selecting monochamus alternatus attractant were made from1998to1999.the results showed that the attract ability of the attra tant m991to the pine sawyer adult is the strongest.main componentes of the attractant m991were terpent acetaldehyde and acetone.
The flavonoids from bidens pilosa were extracted by extracting with organic solvent and isolated by sephadex-lh20column chromatography.it showed that there were more than2flavonoids in the extracts as it was identified with chemical preliminary screen or silica gel folium chromatography.the anti-tmv activities of flavonoids extracted from bidens pliosa were determined.
Use of organic coating materials and organic dissolvent will be controlled while water dissolvent coating materials and other substitute technology will be promoted.
The application of sulfactants in the natural antiriot solution and the conditions that affects the concentration of effective ingrident and the stability of the natural antiriot solution such as different inorganic caid and alkali reaction time temperature organic modifiers and the concentration of antiseptic was investigated.
A highly inflammable liquid ketone widely used as an organic solvent and as material for making plastics.
Lipid-containing viruses are sensitive to treatment with ether and other organic solvents
To found a method to detect the residual solvents of penicillin sodium for injection: butanol acetic ether and butyl acetate.