[yǒuxiào cuòshī]
    effective action

effective [i'fektiv]

action [ækʃ(ә)n]
    n.动作,作用,战斗,行动,举动,行为,(戏剧或书中)的情节,(某一地区、领域或团体中)最能产生效果、最有趣、最有刺激性的活动 vt.对...起诉


The government hasn't worked out the effectual measures to combat unemployment.
Conclusion augmentation the noesis of the relapsing and lasting ngu reasonable usage of antibiotic to aim directly at etiological factor therapy and so on were the effective measures of prevention and cure ngu.
This article indicates that the blast-furnace material column can only accept certain amount unburned duff with the blast-furnace smelting under the certain raw fuel conditions and operating system and it further indicates that under the condition of keeping the un-burned matter quantity that entered into the meterial column fixed by adopting various effective meatures we can increase the quantity of bf pci that is we enable the limited quantity of bf pci to develop to a high level.
The place for effective action is the job site.
Private inspectors hired by u.s.companies to check out foreign plants report finding very good ones but also some without walls and that are open to dust and pests chemical equipment crowded in ways that could lead to cross-contamination and one plant that had a hornet's nest atop a drugmaking vat.
Third the author analyzed the shortcoming ofthe development of e-agriculture in hebei province.took baoding as anexample used rite to count the index number of informationalization ofevery county and city of baoding.the results demonstrate that the foundationof e-agriculture of hebei province is weak and the standard of agricultureinformationalization is low.
Our government has taken effective measures to fetch down the pieces of food.
The government should take effectual measures to combat unemployment.
Adopt effective measures to prevent and control the pollution and harms caused to the environment by waste gas waste water waste residues dust malodorous gases radioactive substances noise vibration and electromagnetic radiation generated in the course of production construction or other activities.
Article46whoever uses household appliances or musical instruments or holds other indoor entertainment activities shall keep the sound volume under control or take other effective measures to avoid producing environmental noise pollution to the neighbours.
It also advances efficient measures for decreasing consummation of energy in the salt mine.
Effective measure solving the problem on decrease of rope is to use the steel wire rope with metal core.
We should take effective measures to prevent sunstroke.
The most effective measure to guard against the ambush trial and prejudge in the criminal procedure are to establish the charge-statement-only doctrine and the count and also the disclosure of evidence in the criminal proceeding structure which are organic parts of the adversary ways of court trials.
According to shearing deformation principle of continual elastic support this paper analysis the natural frequency of the single-layer workshop roof system.