collateral (for loan)

loan [lәun]
    n.(借出的)贷款,借出 v.借,借给


A mathematical measure of the sensitivity of rates of return on a portfolio or a given stock compared with rates of return on the market as a whole. A high degree of such sensitivity indicates moderate or high price volatility.
Pension funds are eager buyers of index-linked assets because the rules require them to buy securities to match their commitments to protect some pensioners against inflation.
What is really going on here is that fis exploit the law of large numbers in their investments whereas due to their small size many household savers are constrained to holding relatively undiversified portfolios.
Article12-1an issuing company that privately places securities may not apply for initial listing of such privately placed securities during the period of restriction of transfer as set forth in article43-8of the securities and exchange act.
Returns the accrued interest for a security that pays interest at maturity.
Mr jeppson has a portfolio of nothing but blue-chip stocks.
In addition financial institutions are required to keep records regarding advice request or instruction received or given concerning any transaction resulting in the transfer of currency or other monetary instruments funds checks investment securities or credit of more than$ 10000to or from any person with an account or place outside the united states.
Topics include portfolio theory capital markets equities fixed-income securities derivative assets and portfolio management.
Foreign portfolio investment covers all international transactions with an original maturity of more than one year such as the purchase of shares from a foreign corporation.
Debentures includes debenture stock bonds and any other securities of a company whether or not constituting a charge on the assets of the company.
A variety of investment companies such as fixed assets value securities liquid assets intangible assets human capital information technology risks etc.
Where marketable securities are used to post bond when cessation of business has been declared and liquidation is duly performed the interest coupon attached thereto may be used to offset liquidation expenses.
Unrealized appreciation on marketable securities;
The objective aspects in crime of defraud of securities manifest a few defraud actions such as using forged or deformed treasure bills and other securities issued by the nation.its behaviors include forging deforming falsely right-mortgaging viciously buying and selling faking and hollow trading etc.the objects used by the criminals include unreal bills of local government financial bills securities of the nation or foreign countries.its contents is complicated in some degree.
"It's hard to say how big the impact of the news will be.investors will for further details as the scandal unfolds" said wu ang an analyst at citic securities.